Arabic Intermediate Course

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In this Arabic Intermediate Course we will take you from an Intermediate Arabic to an Advanced Arabic student upon completion. These 5 key language skills are: speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. They are essential in mastering any language and must be studied in order to be a versatile student of the Arabic language.

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Module 1: Important Vowels and Letters.
Lesson 1: Tanween, Al Madd and Shadda
Lesson 2: Sun and Moon Letters & Naughty Letters

Module 2: Arabic Grammar 101
Lesson 3: The “U” Case
Lesson 4: Equational Sentences
Lesson 5: The “I” Case
Lesson 6: The “A” Case
Lesson 7: The Indefinite Article
Lesson 8: The Definite Article
Lesson 9: Singular Pronouns
Lesson 10: Demonstratives: This
Lesson 11: Demonstratives: That
Lesson 12: أَنَّ
Lesson 13: ولكنَّ and إِنَّ
Lesson 14: Prepositions

Module 3: Arabic Vocabulary Top Up
Lesson 15: General Greetings
Lesson 16: At the Hotel- Lesson
Lesson 17: At the Restaurant
Lesson 18: Islamic Greetings
Lesson 19: Untranslatable Arabic Phrases
Lesson 20: Real Estate
Lesson 21: Employment
Lesson 22: Finance and Economy
Lesson 23: At the Train Station

Module 4: Reading Practice
Lesson 24: Reading Exercise I
Lesson 25: Reading Exercise II

Module 5: Dialogue Practice
Lesson 26: An introduction to Modern Standard Arabic [Fosha]
Lesson 27: An introduction to Ammiya
Lesson 28: Asking Questions I
Lesson 29: Asking Questions II
Lesson 30: Important Phrases

Module 6: The Art of Writing Arabic
Lesson 31: Arabic Word Order
Lesson 32: Translation Exercises - Arabic to English
Lesson 33: Translation Exercises - English to Arabic

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Completion of our Arabic for Beginners Course at this Course leads on from that.

Acquire a high level Arabic Grammar!

Get started today.

Our lessons go straight to the heart of Arabic grammar. We cover essential & practical grammar so that you sound professional and confident in speaking Arabic. Grammar is the backbone of any language without it you can't construct simple sentences (when speaking and writing) or understand anything (when listening to someone or reading a text).

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Master Arabic Communication Skills!

Start speaking Arabic like a local!

We will teach you how to speak Arabic in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and dialect. You will know how to alter a sentence according a specific dialect such as the Levantine or Egyptian accents.

You will speak Arabic in practical situations including at networking events, at the restaurant, at the hotel and everyday conversation.

Speaking Arabic is rewarding and fun!
Get started today!

Live Lesson!

Student Testimonials

Glad I purchased it!

I recently completely the Arabic for Beginners Course and this perfectly continues on from where I have left off!- Joel

Great Course & Great Price

Miriam is the best she always answers my emails and checks my work. Watch the free youtube videos if you are not sure you will see how in depth the lessons are! I am a new fan :-)

Very good

I am in my late 40s and have always wanted to learn Arabic but hesitant as I am not a language buff. During lockdown I decided to take my chances and honestly I really appreciate the hard work that has been put into these lessons and courses hence why I enrolled in the intermediate course. You have nothing to lose!